Monday, October 21, 2013

Blankets Blankets!

We are just a few weeks away from donating blankets to The Children's Hospital in Denver again.  This will be our fourth year doing it.  The blanket number has dwindled down over the years, but we've always managed to have at least 300 blankets donated, which is the number of patients the hospital normally takes care of in a monthly period.  Our goal is always to have every patient receive a blanket in the month of November.

This year, I'm struggling to gather my share of blankets!  I need more blankets donated!  If you have an blankets you can send me (or if you are local, I'll pick them up) please get them to me before November 8th.  That is the day we donate.  If you want to mail them to me, then email me for my address.  (

Any size. Any type. Any style. The blankets just  need to be new.  They can be storebought or handmade.  If you trust me to do this, you can paypal me your money that you would spend buying a blanket, and I'll go buy one for you and add it to the collection.  I just really need more blankets!  Please help me give comfort to all the special kids that are in the hospital over the holidays.

I make blankets and donate them, and this year Kamy is learning to make a blanket and she is donating it as well.   It's fun and rewarding!  Please join us!

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