Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Furlough+Shutdown=Difficult Times

I don't often speak with great detail about The Husband's job.  As much as I post on this blog, there are still a great many things that we keep private to the world at large.  Suffice it to say that we are former military, and still work in conjunction with the government.  So now it should come as no surprise that we have been experiencing the brunt of the government's inability to decide on budgets. 

While they make laws and pass bills that keep their paychecks safe and secure, and padded with regular raises and boosts of expenditures, and then decide that people who make MUCH less than them go without pay for unknown periods of time, we have been suffering.

Hello Government Pigs.  Let me introduce you to my family.  We survive on a one-income paycheck, providing for seven members of our immediate family.  We aren't extravagant with our purchases and we keep our monthly bills to a minimum.  We do not have cable television or home phone, nor do we subscribe to any magazines or newspapers.  We have two vehicles which are paid off.  The Husband often rides his bicycle to work, to save on gas costs.  We check out books from the library instead of buying them. We hardly ever eat out or have entertainment expenses.  We pay a hefty amount in insurance premiums every month because we have a child with complex congenital heart defects.  We think Obamacare sucks.  Our kids walk to school.  We attend church every Sunday, as well as church activities throughout the week.  We budget every penny.  We have three kids in glasses and three kids requiring orthodontic braces.  We cut our children's hair and cook every meal they eat.  We sew up holes in jeans and wear the same Halloween costumes year after year. The Husband eats peanut butter sandwiches for lunch while his co-workers go out to eat.  We hand-make gifts for each other.  We donate to our church.  We go on hikes as a family.  In other words...we live frugally.

Now, having barely recovered from the furlough this summer, and having only one regular paycheck since all of that happened, we are now suffering from the government shutdown.  The Husband is home. He can't go into work.  He won't get paid.  Oh, he still has his job, but what good does it do if he can't do it and provide for his family?

We can't do anything except hope that it gets resolved quickly.  Also, it has lit a fire under our bellies to look for employment outside of the government realm.  Twice screwed...we are moving on.  The Husband is using his time off to apply for other jobs.

I am also doing everything I can to keep cost at minimum.  With bills to pay and no paycheck coming in, it's going to be difficult.  However, we are a strong family.  We love and support each other. We will get through this. 

To help as much as I can, I've listed a bunch of stuff on Etsy.  Check out the link on my sidebar or go to Krinklekut.  If there is something you are looking for that I don't have listed, just message me and I'll put it up for you.  If you do purchase something, please know that every little bit helps and I appreciate it.  Tell your friends.  Spread the word.  We've got to help each other, because goodness knows the government won't.


Jude said...

I'm so sorry you've been affected by this. It must be very difficult for you.
I really don't understand why Americans are so against Obamacare? Living in the UK with our "free" health care it is such a comfort knowing that regardless of what else is happening to our finances we don't have to worry about our health care. Can you suggest an unbiased explanation on the internet, that I could read?
Now my son is living in the US I do worry about him and how he can afford his specialist if needed; his wife's work healthcare provides for his medication, but not his specialist. My hubby and I have money put aside, here in the UK, incase son needs it.
I do hoe your government can reach an agreement soon.

Joolz said...

So much stress for you. It is just not fair! I hope there is a resolution soon and that your hubby does find some other employment.
I'm from Australia, and I've never heard of such a thing happening - gee, the Government loves paying itself!!

Joolz xx

Patti S. said...

So sorry, Shaina. I wish I had some answers. Sure don't! I am praying for a quick solution. So many people affected negatively by this, and the people controlling the purse strings go home to a warm house with plenty of food, etc. Grrrrr. On a bit brighter note, I just realized where you live (went to Etsy site) - my brother, Tom Zepf, lives there, too. I know it's a BIG city, but if you know him, let me know! Small world, it is....I absolutely love that area!

Becky said...

So sorry you guys have to go through this. It is scary what is happening with our government. I really hope some things can get back to normal for you guys soon. You have a very strong family, and you are extremely good and working with what you have and making it go far. I have always admired that in you. Prayers going your way.

Sue5007 said...

I totally agree it is so unfair that they still get paid. Hang up your egos and come to a COMPROMISE!
So sorry Shaina. Good luck to your hubby.

Colleen said...

I feel so incredibly frustrated for you, and helpless too. What in the world can we do to make this selfish insanity stop?! Our government is failing us completely, both parties, when they go to such extreme measures to keep from compromising.

On an aside, like Jude I would love to know what it is about "Obamacare" that you think sucks. It seems that families like yours with children who have substantial medical costs but live on a moderate income stand to benefit most, and I am honestly asking what it is that is negative about it for you. I would love to hear your thoughts so I can really understand both sides to the argument more fully.