Friday, October 25, 2013

My Second Cookbook!!

It's  ready!  It's been checked and  re-checked more times than I can count. I have the pages etched in my mind and the taste of the food still lingering in my memory.  My second cookbook is ready for purchase!

Some of you may be new to my blog, so I'll start at the beginning.  Before my fifth child was born (Kimble), we found out that he had severe congenital heart defects.  In order to offset some of the medical costs associated with his scheduled surgeries, I made a cookbook.  I published it through Blurb and made the cookbook available to the public.  All proceeds went to help pay for medical bills.

The first cookbook, named after my blog and titled "Just Because I Like To Cook" was a great success.  Many people bought it and even better, they liked the recipes in it.  Although the formatting isn't incredible, there are some great recipes in the book.

Fast forward to today.  Kimble is preparing for his fourth heart surgery.  More expenses are involved in his care.  We need a way to pay for all the extra costs.  Urged on by all the feedback from everyone about the first cookbook, and after hearing "When is your second cookbook coming out?" so many times, I have made another cookbook!

This cookbook, titled "Just Because I Like To Cook {More}" is even better than the first cookbook!  Not only is the formatting much better, and also that there is a picture to go with every recipe, but the recipes are amazing!  They are really spectacular. I'm so pleased with everything in this cookbook.  Simply Delicious!

Another thing that pleases me, is that this cookbook (and now my first cookbook too) can be downloaded to your iPad, OR you can have a softcover printed book, OR you can purchase a .pdf to use on another device (it shows up great on my kindle!)  Three options available. Yay!

Here's the breakdown: I get $10 dollars for every printed book, $20 dollars for every iPad download, and $20 dollars for every .pdf download.  This is to benefit the medical costs associated with Kimble's 4th heart surgery.

Please share the link with your friends and family. Share our story.  Encourage people to buy the cookbook. It really is a spectacular cookbook.  You'll get over 100 recipes that you will love, plus you will help out our family.  (This will make a great Christmas gift!!) Thank you so much! Buy the cookbook HERE!

(PS:  Is my comment section working?  Could someone leave a comment so I know if it's working or not?)


Patti S. said...

here's a comment, and I plan on buying that cookbook, too!

linda said...

I will share the story on my blog and put the link to your blog on facebook..

Patti S. said...

Is the pdf version searchable?

Awaiting Ada said...

We love your fist cookbook (I actually just made your spicy Mac and cheese at the request of my toddler for dinner) and can't wait to get the second one! I just have to figure out which version to buy first!

Colleen said...

Congratulations! The tater tot casserole from the first book still makes my mouth water just thinking about it! :)