Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Will He Have Surgery?

We are at that stage again where we (and by 'we' I mean his surgical team) are deciding whether Kimble will have his next surgery in the next few months.  If his heart is ready, we will have his surgery soon.  If it's not ready, then we'll delay it again just like we did last Fall.  So, how do we know if he is ready?  We start some tests again.

Yesterday, Kimble had his first round of testing at Children's Hospital.  He had an MRI and an Echo, both of which he needed to be sedated for.  Although they are routine tests, it's still difficult to watch your child go through procedures.

We left early in the morning to arrive on time.  We left just about the same time as the school kids, so I took this picture of everyone right before we departed.

Kimble fell asleep quickly enough on the drive,which helped a lot because if he is asleep, he can't ask for food and drink!  He needed to be fasting, for the sedation, so I was glad the appointment was relatively early in the day.

When we arrived and began the paperwork for the MRI, we were told that we had to change into scrubs so we could take Kimble into the MRI room and be with him as he was sedated.  So we happily changed into scrubs, and as a bonus, we got to keep them!  Fun!

Kimble was not happy at this point. He was hungry and thirsty and didn't understand why we couldn't give him anything.  He also fought the anesthesia a bit ("Boy is he strong-willed!" said the Anesthesiologist) and it took longer to get him under.  Just before he blacked out, I told him I loved him.  Kimble looked into my eyes, brought up his hand and placed it on my cheek in a loving gesture and opened his mouth to say something just as his eyes started closing.  He made me cry!  If I could read his mind, I'd guess that he was about to say "I love you most, momma", which is what he always says to me when I tell him I love him.

So, he was set.  We expected him to be under anesthesia for 4-5 hours, with the MRI and then the sedated Echo.  Heath and I went to chat with Dr. Younoszai (a member of our surgical team and someone we have come to consider a friend) and we discussed many things, including his opinion on whether or not Kimble will have surgery in a month or two.  We also toured the new wing of the CICU and then we grabbed some lunch.  After that, we still had a few hours, so we settled down to wait.  The Husband took a short nap and I read a few chapters in a book.  Before long, it was time to go back to Pre/Post waiting room and wait for Kimble to be in recovery.

Kimble was still under anesthesia when they brought us back to him.  His special little horsie (we had given it to him that morning, in addition to a Backyardigans book that we got him) was propping up his oxygen mask and was strategically placed to be right there to comfort Kimble when he woke up.

After about 30 minutes, he woke up and although he was groggy for a little bit, he bounced right back.  When Kimble comes out of anesthesia, he is ravenous and very thirsty, so he asked for juice and crackers, which his nurse provided, and he downed them!  After he ate, he was happy.  He watched Toy Story for a little bit, until he proved that he wasn't going to be sick or have any ill effects from the anesthesia.

Then, we came home!  Kimble was escorted out of the hospital in a wagon, which was stocked up with juice and crackers!  We got home about 5pm, having left at 6:45am.  We were met by the kids (the older one's were home after school and the younger ones had been at a friend's house, and had dinner brought to us by a friend.  After that, we were all in bed by 8:30.  I think we were all emotionally exhausted!

So, the results of the tests will be discussed by our team and then they will tell us what is decided.  Basically, it comes down to having surgery now or waiting another year-ish.  We are pretty positive that his heart is ready for the next surgery, so we are planning on that.  We requested that the surgery be no sooner than January (my November and December are booked already!).  We are anxious to know the results!!

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Colleen said...

What a trooper! He is such an easy going boy!