Sunday, November 24, 2013

Blurb Coupons

If you are still looking to buy my cookbooks, there are two coupon codes that blurb is offering.

The first one is BETTER25 (Buy two or more books and receive free shipping plus 25% off your order...great to buy extra copies for presents!). The second coupon code is BOOKEND20 which gives you 20% off any order under 75 dollars.  These codes are good only for the printed versions of my cookbooks ( I receive 10 dollars for every cookbook that is purchased, which goes into Kimble's 'heart fund'.)  You have until Dec 3rd to buy them and receive them before Dec 24th, if you are overseas.  If you are in the States, you have until Dec 13th to ensure delivery by Christmas.  (Both of these codes expire Dec 2nd.)

If you want a .pdf or an ebook, they are each 25 dollars through blurb, and I receive $20 of those dollars.  There are no coupon codes for an ebook or .pdf but they work great on your ipad or tablet and you get it instantly, and we get more money that goes directly to us to benefit Kimble.

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Patti S. said...

I finally took the time to buy your cookbook. I haven't even made it out of the breakfast recipes yet, and my mouth is watering!!! The pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes are very timely. I love your way to make cream of chicken soup - I've been doing it this way for year! Soooo much better than the store bought variety and so incredibly easy!

Anyway, thanks for sharing your recipes. you are an amazing cook, and I'm happy to get some new recipes and help Kimble at the same time.