Monday, December 23, 2013

Dear Santa

The kids wrote letters to Santa this week.  Kamy and Keaton played along, even though they don't believe in Santa anymore.  Kolby, Kennedy, and Kimble (with encouragement) were all excited to share their deepest wishes in a letter to Santa.

Dear Santa,
I would like a kindle or a great tablet of some sort.  Also, I would like a computer as another option, or an Xbox.  Either one would be fine.  From Kamyren.

Dear Santa,
This year, overall, I think I got a B+ for good behavior.  I don't really want much. I would really like a good tablet, and if you can still do better, a convertable laptop that can change into a tablet, and a computer, then surprise me with my other stocking suffers.  Love, Keaton.

Dear Santa,
I hope you will come this year and get lots of cookies.  This year I would like a pair of scuba and snowboard goggles and flippers for swimming.  Have a very nice Christmas Santa.  P.S. Nice work, Elves.  Sincerely, Kolby.

Dear Santa,
I hope that you can be warm, and hello, my name is Kennedy.  First, I would like some sparkly makeup.  Second (I am not saying 'want' because I know you do not like people greedy, so that is why I'm not saying 'want'), I would like a desk with my name on it. I am 8 years old. I would like a desk because I would like to do my homework on it.  Third, I would like toothbrushes for my family (and my mom agrees with that).  I love Christmas!  Love Kennedy.

Dear Santa,
(Spoken by Kimble; written by Mom) I want a big car that is so tall.  I want presents. I want woody.  I have been good.  Thank you for the car.  Kimble.


Melissa G. said...

Look how LONG your hair has gotten! I LOVE it! You all look so good! Merry Christmas! I'm glad you're back to blogging -- I've been praying for your family and am glad to see you back at it!

Unknown said...

Such a wonderful pic of the family. Hopefully Christmas will be good to all of you

Sue5007 said...

These are so much fun. :)