Monday, December 23, 2013

Sweet Kennedy

When Kennedy brought home her backpack on the last day of school before Christmas break, there was a lone piece of paper with a paragraph written in her handwriting, labeled "Thankful For".  As I began reading, tears welled up in my eyes.  I was so proud of how she expressed the things that mattered most to her.  I also experienced a sweet feeling of understanding that she has for her baby brother's heart defects and how such a complex situation can be made simple in her eyes.  This is what she wrote.

Thankful For
Thanksgiving is a time to think about the things we are thankful for. First of all, I am grateful for my baby brother's heart surgery. The surgery makes his heart get better.  The heart needs to grow bigger and stronger.  I love him very much. I'm also glad for my home. My home keeps me safe from danger and bad weather.  Last, I love my family.  Kamy, Kimble,(Kolby...written on the rough draft but missing in the final copy) and Keaton.  All my family is special that I could almost cry with joy because I love them so much.  Thinking of all the things that make me happy makes me thankful everyday.

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Leanne said...

Ahhh - aren't the letters children write so precious? I have a couple saved from when my children (who are now both married and happily producing grandchildren) were small.

I can see that you treasure them - what a gift to open with them again and re-read when they're older.