Thursday, September 25, 2014

Should I try to catch up?

I'm not even sure how to begin blogging again.  I feel like I have so much I can talk about from the past 18 months or so, but not even sure what details are important anymore.  I do have lots of pictures (haven't stopped taking pictures!) but they are too many in count to just do monthly catchup posts.

If I just start today, and go forward, I feel like everyone would be lost, like picking up a book in the middle, and not knowing what is going on because you didn't read the first half.  Ugh.  I really like blogging, and feel like I might have the time and focus again for it, but feel like I need to catch up before I can begin.

I'm not even sure who reads blogs anymore.  Since I stopped blogging, I sorta stopped reading blogs as well.  Just got too busy for it.  So I guess if I started blogging again, it would simply be to document our family life, as I did before.  Not really for any other reason.  However, I do have a sorta relationship with you, my readers, and feel deeply regretful that I have stopped documenting.  You all read my blog for one reason or another, and kept coming back, and I owe you that continuation.

At any rate...I had some time this morning, and thought: "I should blog".  So I did, but I'm not sure it was worth anything.  Perhaps a picture will help.