Friday, October 24, 2014


The Husband and I just got back from Cancun.  Seriously.  It was the most incredible trip and we went with our business partners.

So, we had some lovely friends help with the kids, and we couldn't have been more excited for what the next four days would bring.  We took a red-eye flight for the first leg, so things were pretty empty in the airport.  I was all alone in the airport bathroom, so I took this first picture, and then one with The Husband, of course.

 We arrived in Cancun, after a long layover between flights, around 11am.  After customs and long lines upon arrival, we found our shuttle and went to our resort, which was a huge all-inclusive luxurious location.  We could not have been treated any better.  Everything was included, from food, drinks, snacks, desserts, activities...I could get used to this lifestyle.  This was so different than any other vacation I had ever been on.  First, because it was my first time out of the country.  Second, because it was so much beyond the pricepoint of our usual vacations.  We felt so spoiled.

Although we traveled there alone, we were joined by about 60 other business partners in our company, many of whom we didn't know very well, so we had lots of opportunities to socialize.  However, the other two couples in this next picture are very dear friends of ours, and they are who we spent the majority of our time with, whilst in Cancun.

We had a private beach to enjoy, specific only to those staying at our resort.  It offered water activities, food, drinks, and plenty of relaxation.

We enjoy making out in front of people.

 We enjoyed kayaking, swimming, and other beachfront activities.  The water was gorgeous.

 Every night, we went to one of the restaurants located at the resort.  Although it was all-inclusive, these restaurants still required reservations and they were very fancy.  We were very well fed all of our days there.  We also went down to a mexican market to browse the local fare.

 The pool was massive.  It would probably take you 20 minutes to walk all the way around it.  It went on forever, through the heart of the resort.

We enjoyed the architecture of the resort.  During the day it was lovely, and at night, it was lit up and gorgeous.

I wore a bikini for the first time in my life.  I still can't say that I felt 100% comfortable, but I did it.  I'm still on my weightloss journey, but the past few months I've made significant progress.  I'm hoping by the next trip, I'll be more confident.

 I loved the hours I spent on the beach.  Reading. Relaxing.  Sleeping.  Watching.  I didn't have to worry about kids playing in the water, or getting pulled under by a wave, or keeping everyone safe.  It did more good for my soul than anything else, to simply lie there and relax, without a worry in the world.

We had plenty of time to get to know the other people in our company, and we were priveledged to be able to spend some time with the CEOs and founders of our company, which was priceless.

 Our room was huge. It was a suite.  We didn't spend a whole lot of time in it, but we loved it all the same. I did, however, have a few jacuzi baths.  It was heaven.

Our last night there, after we ate at the fancy French restaraunt.  Everything was so pretty at night.

We had to head back to the airport about 8:30am, so right before breakfast, we wandered down to the beach again and said goodbye.  This will not be our last vacation like this.  It's the first of many, and we can't wait to go back again!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Preparing For Another Year Of Blanket Donations!

This will be our 5th year of donating blankets to the Denver Children's Hospital. Can you believe it?  Our boys are turning 5 and sadly, one of our families moved away this summer.  With that in mind, it might be our last yearly donation, although we might do it every few years from now on or during a big milestone. This picture was taken on the 4th of July, when we said goodbye to Chance and his family.  It was so sad, because we are family to each other.  Through all of our struggles and heartbreak and anguish, there have been some amazing times with each other and I wouldn't trade any of it.  I love my heart family!!

So with one month left of collecting blankets, we need your help!!  Please donate a blanket!  The babies, children, and teens at the Denver Children's Hospital ask for so little.  They have hope and positive attitudes and loving spirits. A blanket is such a small thing to us, but it means so much to them.  Having lived in the hospital myself, during all of Kimble's care, I certainly know how drafty and cold those hospital rooms can be during the winter months.  A warm blanket offered is indeed, a cuddle from the heart.

There is no requirement to the blanket donation, other than the fact that the blanket must be new.  It can be handmade or storebought.  It can be fabric, knitted, crocheted, quilted, sewed, knotted, or any other method of construction.  It can be any size, from newborn to teen.

If you email me, ( with the subject line "blanket drive", I will send you my address if you want to mail me your donation. You can even buy a blanket online and have it shipped directly to me.  I promise you, it is such a good cause.

This stack of fleece fabric was made into 20 blankets last week.  A group of women gave of their time and turned the fabric into warm and cuddly blankets.  It was such a fun night of service.

One month left!!  It might be the last donation for a long time.  If you can, please donate a blanket or two.