Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Kimble Update

Kimble is healthy and happy and is now 6 1/2 years old.

I love starting this blog post with that sentence.    He definitely is our miracle boy.  Since many of you began reading this blog because of him, I thought I'd give you a little update.

Kimble and I went for a little outing last week. Just the two of us.  He wanted to ride his new bike, as I ran on the trail.  So that's just what we did...with lots of stops to look at stuff along the way.

Kimble finished two years of preschool, which was half a day, and last year he transitioned to a full day of kindergarten.  It was not an easy transition.  He didn't like being away from me all day, and his full-blown crying episodes almost every morning led us to reconsider public school. However, right about the time that I was going to keep him home, we worked out a few things with the school, that included a wonderful teacher by the name of Mr. Richards who personally helped Kimble adjust every morning.  I also joined Kimble for lunch on difficult days, when he was at school but really missing me, and we also allowed Kimble to have a day or two home, every few weeks, just to spend with me.

Now, I don't think Kimble is antisocial, nor does he have problems making friends and playing with others.  He doesn't have to be by me to function.  He just really had a hard time transitioning to a full day of school.  However, as the school year progressed, Kimble did better and better.

He is still a bit behind developmentally, but he has made leaps and bounds this last year.  He still can't read, and doesn't write much more than his name, but he is now drawing pictures and coloring.  I'd say he's about 9 months behind the average kid his age, but he is progressing, and will be starting first grade next month.

Physically, you wouldn't really know Kimble has the heart defects that he does.  He doesn't let anything stop him.  That being said, he does take a bit of extra time to recover if he pushes himself hard. But that's what we want. We want him to push his heart. After all, it's what helped his heart grow and adapt and begin to pump blood.  

And so, Kimble runs and jumps and hikes (although we don't take him on higher altitude hiking) and he loves riding his bike and he is learning to swim without his life vest this summer.  He is fearless and fun and we love playing with him.

Kimble has recently gotten back into the VeggieTales movies, the StarWars movies, Harry Potter, and Toy Story.  Finding Nemo is currently another favorite, and he is excited to go to the theater to see Finding Dory.  He also likes the Jurassic Park movies.  (You can tell that he has older brothers, with the movie selections he watches!)

I think this Fall, we will have another cardiac followup appointment, and we will see where his heart function is and if we will be leaning towards surgery again.  We really don't know what that visit will entail, but we have certainly enjoyed these last 5 years without surgery, and are thrilled with how "normal" his heart function looks.

We love our little heart baby.  Our miracle boy.  He has completed our family.

We are still gathering blankets for donation to the Denver Children's Hospital.  We like to donate close to the boys' birthdays as we can, in November.  Please consider donating a blanket or two to children in need.  Just leave a message with your email and I'll gladly reply to you with an address to send it to.  Thanks.

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Heather Salas said...

So glad you're blogging again. Little did I know years ago when reading about Kimble that I would have a heart baby as well! My almost 3 year old, Stella, has Tricuspid Atresia, ASD and VSD. She is a single ventricle baby! :) Thanks for the update and looking forward to reading more about your sweet family!