Saturday, August 6, 2016

Kamy Got A Job!

The day Kamy turned 16, this spring, she applied at our local Chic Fil A, which was built about 18 months ago and we were all so happy to have this franchise in our tiny town!  From that moment, when discussing future jobs, Kamy would always say she was going to work there...which was good, because:

When discussing future jobs, we would always tell Kamy the places she could work. The list was short. Chic Fil A.

However, after two months with her application on file, we hadn't heard anything.  So, as attentive and concerned parents, we found ourselves in Chic Fil A one evening, and happened to be talking to the manager about what it would take for someone to get hired. Namely, our daughter.

"As much as I'd love to tell you that coming in here and checking back on the status of her application would help secure a job, what it really takes is a phenomenal application (on and she would need to really stand out, in terms of community service, leadership, and social skills."

Well, we had her apply again; and this time, she inserted all of her school, church, and community interests, groups, and experience.  You see, because she was applying for her first official job, she didn't have prior work experience to make her stand out.  So, we had to put in all of her other experience, and highlight it so that she could show that she was an exemplary person. Which she is.

She was a choir group leader, a youth camp leader, a LINK leader at school. All good community leadership qualities.  She had been babysitting for many years, had done housecleaning jobs, and is the oldest in her family ("My family has given me a lot of responsibility, being the oldest."-kamy).  She also attends business meetings with her parents and has learned about personal development, leadership, service, and focus.

For months, whenever a new job listing would appear on, for Chic Fil A, Kamy would apply again.  She probably applied between 5-10 times.  We kept telling her, the more they see your name, the better!

Finally!! She got a call!  Kamy was asked to come in for an interview.  We looked up a lot of information on the company, how they like to hire, how to succeed at your first job interview, and how to act.  She was ready!!

"Mom, I read a lot about interviews, and I don't think I should show up with my mom.  Sorry."

So, I stayed in the car. For about 4 minutes. Then I went inside and ordered some chicken. And Lemonade. And fries. Ok, I ordered an entire meal.  Then I sat, and waited, and watched.

While I was waiting, the hiring person came right next to me, and sat down by this nervous-looking boy, and started interviewing him.  So I sorta listened in.

"What do you like to do in your free-time?" she asked the boy.
"Uh, I like to play xbox." he replied.

I almost snorted my lemonade.  Bad answer! Chic Fil A is looking for people to represent their brand! Their culture! Their values!

Anyway, that interview didn't last long. Then, the lady grabbed Kamy, who was patiently waiting in a small waiting area, and they went outside to interview.

I couldn't eavesdrop, but Kamy looked great from what I could see, and without being a creeper mom, I tried to patiently wait until they were done...which was about 10 minutes later.

She seemed happy about the interview.  I asked her if she was asked the question "What do you like to do in your free time?" and Kamy said that, indeed, she did get asked that question, to which she replied "I like to read books and go hiking with my family."


Ok, so Kamy was told that she would get a phone call at 3pm the following day, if she was hired.
If she did not get a phone call...that was her answer. No job.

We expectantly looked at our clocks all afternoon! We couldn't wait for 3pm! She must get a call. I mean...she MUST!!  She is perfect for the job!  


She didn't call.


Seriously? How could they not hire her?

And so, Kamy said "What do I do now?  That's the only place I want to work!"
"So sorry, babe. I guess we start looking for other places to apply to."  Kamy left...dejected, to go do her LINK prep at the high school to get ready for the incoming freshmen.

I get a call from Kamy.

"MoM!! Chic Fil A called me! They want me to come in again for a second interview! Tomorrow! I said 'Of course' and so, mom...they called me back!!"


And so, tomorrow came.  I brought Kamy in for another interview, which really, wasn't an interview at all! It was a "Hey, we think you embody the brand of Chic Fil A and we think you are perfect for who we want to represent our culture and values. You are going to be a cashier/customer relations"

...and so. My baby girl got her first job! She starts next week!

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Jude said...

Congratulations Kamy. You did really well. I'm hopeless at interviews. :-) The worst question for me is always "Why do you want to work at XXX"? Really? I wouldn't apply if the hours weren't right, it was close enough to home and I thought working there would be good! LOL! Good Luck next week. Jude.x P.S. What a beautiful young lady you are. x