Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Head on over to Instagram to see all the latest. Kimble is now 8 years old!

First Blanket Donation

Do you remember our first blanket donation? Our babies were exactly one year old. We donated on their birthday. If you want to read about it, scroll down and see the menu on the right. You can read all about it. Oh, that was such a great day.

We haven't stopped donating! Every year we donate blankets. We gather the blanket donations all year and sometime close to the boys' birthdays, and close to Christmas, we donate. It's so rewarding to  know that we are giving back and helping someone feel warmth and love.

We are taking donations still!! If you aren't local, then you can ship it to me! If you want to buy a blanket from Amazon, you can do that. If you want to make a blanket, you can do that! All sizes and all kinds of blankets are needed. Please. Donate a blanket if you can. It makes all the difference for the patient who receives it. (You can email me at and use Blanket Donation in the subject line so I can find it.) Thank You!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Did You Know That I Used To Be Amazing...

I used to be blogging.
I really was.
People used to ask me all the time how I had time to blog so much.
You tend to make time for things you enjoy.

And I enjoy writing. 
I enjoy taking pictures. 
I enjoy journaling and documenting my family's life.

But then I stopped blogging.

I didn't stop documenting.
I didn't stop taking pictures.
My kids didn't stop growing up!!

Look at them. So cute. They just finished their summer break and are back to school now.

We are doing well. I'd like to catch you up. 
In the interim, here is a lovely picture of The Husband and I making out on the beach in Cancun.